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RE: NFC: Aquarium backgrounds

I painted a dozen ten gallon tanks with acrylics some years ago... I
started with the plants and rocks, and went to a green or blue over
all....came out great, and the tanks sold for $25 - 50 each.  Got the
idea from an old titanic painting on glass I have in my living room...

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I have found that using Black contact paper works great.  Contact
comes in Several patters and Solid Colors. Make sure that the paper is
same color on the adhesive side.
I have tanks with contact papers for more than 10 years. I also use
contact paper on the bottom of the tank. Paper goes on outside of tank
It is available in KMART, Walgreens, etc.
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> Doug Dame wrote:
>  snip...
> > I don't think of a black background as making the tank "dreary," I
it makes the background disappear. And thus the viewer's attention is
focused on the artistic arrangement of fish, plants. lighting, and/or
algae etc. you've provided for their consideration and amusement.
> That last one is my specialty, too! <VBG>
> Tom Barr (and others in the Aquatic Plant Digest world) likes to
> cork panels inside the back. They are dark and decorative, and
plants can
> attached with little stainless wire lengths, used like staples. The
> thick decorative wall panel can be used, or the less-flat pieces
> from an orchid house. The flat ones can be sculptured a bit with a
> tool to keep them from looking quite so planar.
> For plants, Anubias and Java Fern are primo, but Java moss can be
> too. Basically any plant that does not need to be rooted can be
used, but
> the duckweed takes a few too many staples, for me. ;-)
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