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Re: NFC: Aquarium backgrounds

I bought my 125 from my mailman and he had put a piece of  some sort of
masonite materal on the back
that has a light blue on one side.  I just left it cause it
looked ok...

> My tank is 30 inches tall and I have yet to find anyone to supply backing
> paper that tall.  I have always used the solid blue background and always
> loved it.  I just bout two pieces that I plan on butting together for the
> tank that are blue on one side and black on the other.  I was thinking I'd
> like how the black would look, but it seems like it would make the tank
> of dreary.
> Larry
> >
> > I simply spray-paint the back (outside) of all my new tanks before I
> them into the house, using std. painters masking tape and old newspapers
> mask off the areas I don't' want painted.  And sometimes, depending on
> the tank is going to be placed, I'll also paint one or both short-sides as
> well.
> >
> > As I assume Johnny Cash (aka The Man in Black) would say, black goes
> everything. Which is to say I think it complements and accentuates
> fish plants etc you have in the tank. Hang on the back filters and
> become near invisible, especially if the in-tank fittings are also black.
> >
> > I was in the Florida Aquarium (Tampa) a couple of days ago ... (BTW,
> have a BUNCH of native killies and some of the most spectacular natives
> mollies I've seen  , VERY nice) ... and noticed that most all of their
> of their more or less conventional tanks (i.e., not the large exhibits
> are fully aqua-scaped) have solid light blue backgrounds, of the color
> see if you were looking out while snorkeling into 100' visibility water in
> the Caymans or somewhere. Of course, those were salt-water tanks with
> salt-water inhabitants. I think I still prefer my black, but it's possible
> that marine fish are psychologically happier with a blue background that
> presumably seems more natural to them.
> >
> > I haven't found that any particular brand of type of tank adheres to
> any better than any other. They all will flake off to some degree if
> bumped/nicked the wrong way.
> >
> > .02
> >
> > Doug Dame
> > Interlachen FL
> >
> >