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Re: NFC: Aquarium backgrounds

Nickel asked: 

>>  ..  I wanted to know about backgrounds for the aquarium.  
>>  .... <snip>  Any thoughts at all on any backgrounds would 
>>   help.

I simply spray-paint the back (outside) of all my new tanks before I bring them into the house, using std. painters masking tape and old newspapers to mask off the areas I don't' want painted.  And sometimes, depending on where the tank is going to be placed, I'll also paint one or both short-sides as well. 

As I assume Johnny Cash (aka The Man in Black) would say, black goes with everything. Which is to say I think it complements and accentuates whatever fish plants etc you have in the tank. Hang on the back filters and fittings become near invisible, especially if the in-tank fittings are also black. 

I was in the Florida Aquarium (Tampa) a couple of days ago ... (BTW, they have a BUNCH of native killies and some of the most spectacular natives mollies I've seen  , VERY nice) ... and noticed that most all of their most of their more or less conventional tanks (i.e., not the large exhibits that are fully aqua-scaped) have solid light blue backgrounds, of the color you'd see if you were looking out while snorkeling into 100' visibility water in the Caymans or somewhere. Of course, those were salt-water tanks with salt-water inhabitants. I think I still prefer my black, but it's possible that marine fish are psychologically happier with a blue background that presumably seems more natural to them. 

I haven't found that any particular brand of type of tank adheres to glass any better than any other. They all will flake off to some degree if they're bumped/nicked the wrong way. 


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL