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NFC: red, redfin, rainbow???

ok, after reading many posts in the nfc and nanfc archives, and variuos 
other places, I am more confused now than ever.

I understand that the Red SHINER is marketed as the RAINBOW DACE and 
sometimes as the RAINBOW DANIO and that I own 2 males.  Depending on 
lighting and angle of view these have silver/blue/violet bodies and pinkish 
red/pastel orange fins.

But i have also heard of redFIN shiners, RAINBOW SHINERS, and I think 
another fish called a rainbow dace (henceforth refered to as "TURE rainbow 

and i think i understand that one of these might be another name for a type 
of chub.

SO, anyone want ot clue me in on the differences between these fish?
pics would help.

also, an explanation of exactly what the differnce is between a dace, a 
shiner, and a chub.

and for that matter, how does the north american fish called shiners, dace 
and chub, compare to the europeon fish that they are named after?
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