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Re: NFC: crayfish in Adopt-A-Tank

Did they end up breeding then?  I got some small bass (like 2 inch) since I
can't get a pickerel anywhere and figured crayfish young would be a good
source of live food.

> I kept 6 in a 72 gallon tank with bluegills.  They
> seemed to do well for a while. Some did "escape". I
> found one upstairs (from the tank)in an empty room.  I
> figured it crawled out of the tank via the hoses from
> my filter and the dog got it and played with it for a
> while before he got bored.  The crawdad made it under
> the door to the unoccupied room and died of
> dehydration.
> One of the others got "stuck" during a molt. The
> bluegills did not bother them much as they were "big"
> in comparison to the fish. I did provide cover and a
> good variety of food.  Caught them regularly doing the
> "wild thing" in the tank so the environment seemed to
> be good enough to allow for reproduction though
> environment does not necessarily have to be good to
> trigger mating... LOL! I like keeping them and will do
> so again as soon as I set the tank up again as I moved
> recently.   Sam

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