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NFC: Re: alligators, tigers, sharks and bears- oh my

You are right.  This is because it is easy to get kids excited about dangerous animals.  Tell me you don't get excited when you see Steve Irwin (aka "Crocodile Hunter") casually pick up a highly venemous snake, or wrassle with a big saltwater croc.
Marty Stauffer's show was IMHO a better class of wildlife documentary.  His films were shot just far enough away that he didn't really alter the behavior of the wildlife around him.  The new breed of wildlife show personalities (I use that word quite intentionally) are all offshoots of the Steve Irwin style, where you are very hands-on with the animal and not really showing what the animal does in the wild.  I think it is a more lazy format of filming because they don't take days to catch a shot of such-and-such an animal capturing its prey.  They just sort of walk out in the wilderness and grab whatever it is they see.  Really hard to apply that style to fishes, IMHO.  Besides, Steve Irwin tackling a wild sunfish wouldn't make for good ratings.
But you raise a good point.  I wonder how much it would cost to produce such a show.  Not a series, mind you.  But maybe a two or three part mini-series.  Might this be a good use of NFC funds?  I have no idea what we've got "banked" right now but I could see value in producing a native fish mini-series and marketing it to PBS stations and DVD/VHS consumers.  Buy an underwater camera, some tapes, and ship the camera back and forth to different NFC volunteers who will do the filming.  The tapes get shipped off either to a qualified volunteer (if we have one) or to a professional producer who would splice them together.  Get someone with a pleasant voice to do the voiceovers.
Some of the variables:
* Does the NFC have much money in the bank?  If not, are members willing to pony up for this?
* How much does underwater video camera cost?
* Do we have someone in our midst who is qualified to handle post-filming production work?  If not, how much would it cost to farm this out?
* Do we have enough volunteers across the country to make this work?  I would imagine most of the volunteer work would have to be in the filming part of the production.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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Hey  guys,
ever notice on all the cable channels that document and profile animals, the
above mentioned animals are about the only ones ever featured.
Okay, almost never. They do profile salmon (usually during a grizzly bear
study) And rarely, when they profile otter, they show some good underwater
fish  footage. But where are the pike, sturgen, catfish, darters, and
sunfish-are they too frigging hard to film or something?
Please, Discovery channel -do the rest of the animal kingdom justice, cover
different kinds of animals. Til then I know I'm tuning out.