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NFC: A fundraISER

Here’s a painless way to help The Native Fish Conservancy
Now you can help (your organization) when you purchase from stores on the Internet!  Yes, ShopsThatGive.com will donate up to 25% of your purchase price to The Native Fish Conservancy whenever you start your shopping at www.ShopsThatGive.com.

It’s Free and Easy
Prices are not increased, many are discounted
It helps (your organization)
Americas favorite stores, additions every month

How it works

Always go to www.ShopsThatGive.com to begin your shopping
Follow the easy instructions to join ShopsThatGive.com
Shop your favorite stores

That’s all.  You buy what you want; We receive a donation.

And here’s another way you can give us an even bigger hand.

Imagine if you sent this e-mail to everyone in your Internet address book and each of the recipients forwarded it on to everyone in their Internet address book and so on.  In short order thousands of people would know how to make their purchases on the Internet create donations to the Native Fish Conservancy. This can create a greater awareness of the good work we do and provide even more support which we need to continue our work. 

So please take this extra step and forward this message on to everyone in your e-mail address book. 

PS. On AOL you can send to all the addresses at once by highlighting all the addresses in your book while holding down the shift key.  Then click the “Send to” icon to place all addresses in the address area of your e-mail.  You may copy this letter and paste it onto an e-mail or just forward it.  Also please feel free to add your own message.

Robert Rice
NFC President  www.nativefish.org
check out our email list at nfc-owner at actwin_com
Visit out Adopt A Tank , Exotics Removal, and Breeders Club Programs at the website