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NFC: feeding / silversides

1:  tropical or goldfish food:  what to give captive natives?

2:  thoughts/suggestions on keeping brook silversides as an aqurium captive, 
particularly in a "rainbowfish/shiner" tank.

1:  back when i was just keeping fatheads in a 10 gal, I was giving them 
various wardly and tetra products on a rotating basis.

in other words, what ever came up in my hand when i reached into the draw. 
the menu included, sinking goldfish crumbles, goldfish flake, tropical 
flake, freeze dried blood wroms, and betta min(tetra ruby and fzd brine).  I 
figured that since toughies were cold water, oppurtunistic feeders who 
comsummed a lot of algea and plant matter, that the menu would provie the 
dietary variablity needed for best health. besides, the fish never had the 
waitress send the food back to the kitchen, so i guess they liked it...

now that I have put the fatheades in the 55 with the redbelly dace, 
redshiners and rainbowfish, i am continuing the same feeding regimen.
I don;t think that a little "vegtable based" goldfish food is going to hurt 
the rainbows, and everyone is colored up nicely.  I also give sinking 
waffers for the pleco and otos.

the 35 gets more of a tropical rotation.
the gambusia get what ever i have in my hand when i remember to feed them.

any thoughts on these feeding practices?

2:  I recently saw a pic of a brook silverside.  nice oddlooking fish.
anyone ever keep them?  is there an artical on doing so?  how do you think 
they would do in my 55?
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