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Re: NFC: Re:re: salinaty torlorances of darters?(V2 #603

Hey Michael,

What do you mean?  Yes, you were the one who wanted the darters in the first place, and I helped you get them.  The test kits I have access to are the Aquarium Pharm...They run about $16.99.  I love them, have had mine for over a year, and still have not run out of anything.  I use it on all my (11) tanks.  Chris

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>>IMO you don't have to have the best test kit, just a good one.
>>There are
>>many reasonably priced test kits on the market. Go to
>>or any local shop. The Aquarium Pharmacueticals Master Test kit is
>>and includes all your basic test (pH, NH4, NO2). Nitrate kits are
>>seperately. Anyway it is good to have and should be able to get
>>one under
>actually, that is the only kind the local store carries. at 45$.
>No Way.
>I'll gt one tha next time I am in atlanta, if i have any money.
>>From: "Chris Perry"
>I have access to wonderfull test kits...Chris

>don't start with me chris. You got me into this, remember?
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