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cures (was Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?)

jake levi wrote:
>  Formaldehyde is an excellent parasite killer. Used
> properly there is no danger. I have used literally
> barrels of the stuff, I hate the smell with a passion
> but thats the only side effect I know of in practical
> terms.
> jake

I agree 100% with Jake on that. It kills hydra, flatworms and many pests.

Look out though. It can kill infusoria that small babies need, as can the
related compounds like "Amquel" and "Prime."

> --- Al G Eaton <sege7_2000 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> >
> > <DIV></DIV>&gt;What is victoria green? that is what
> > the jungle ick guard has in
> >
> > I dont know what victoria green is, but I suspect
> > its
> > another copper compound like malachite green.
> > Malachite green is a very complex copper crystalline
> > compound that is chelated to keep it in solution.

Not true. Malachite Green is an aniline dye and contains no copper,
whatsoever. The name comes from the color similarity to certain copper
compounds, that's all.

> > BTW, not to be disagreeable, but formaldehyde is by
> > definition diluted with water.  Full strength
> > formaldehyde is something over 30% formaldehyde and
> > the rest is water.  Its nasty stuff, its a known
> > carcinogen, mutagin and teratogin and is very
> > corrosive to tissue.  I would use it only to cure an
> > ich problem.

It *is* a powerful tanning agent, and needs to be handled with moderate
care. Don't sniff or drink it or leave it on your skin for long. Otherwise
it is pretty safe. 37% formaldehyde used to be brand-named "Formalin," but
that became, like "Aspirin" for acetylsalicylic acid, a generic term through
misuse. I use that form because it seems stable. The lfs stuff, at 3%, is
too weak for some uses, and always seems to decay and precipitate out after
a few months.


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