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Re:Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?

I have access to wonderfull test kits...Chris

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>Subject: Re:Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?
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>>Subject: Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?
>>Some lessons always seem to come the hard way. GET A
>not an option. I asked about getting one, bu then Mom reminded me
>that i
>"snuk" in the 35 when I only had clearence for the 55....
>and then there is the 10 with the gambusia colony under the stand
>that she
>doesn't know about yet....(lot of good yard sales in Atalnta)
>i quarintined the fantails at a freinds house for a month. figured
>caught fish were more risky than fish taht had been in the store for
>so long
>that the lable had been lost, oh well.
>>Your corys I think are in more danger of the salt then
>>the darters. A number of darters come from quite
>>alkaline waters. The corys from neutral to quite acid
>>waters. Although most now sold in the aquarium trade
>>are bred in hard and alkaline waters here in the US
>>but still some in acid waters in the oritent.
>orient? corys are from SA. do you mean the tank bred ones from the
>I was more worried about the khulies than the "indestructable"
>albino cory.
>>are any number of good ick medications on the market.
>picked up some "jungle ich guard" yesterday.
>>You mentioned your pH in your post. Have you done any water test
>>to check
>>your other water quality parameters. If you haven't already done
>>so I
>>test ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.
>I know, if I could find a decent test kit, the local store is next
>useless. they don;t carry my brand....but i figure my plants are
>taking care
>of my nitrogenous products between water changes.
>>Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 06:41:00 -0700 (PDT)
>>From: Al G Eaton
>>Subject: Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?
>> Of the commercial
>> > products I always liked
>> > Quick Cure, which is formalin based as I recall.
>> > Anyway good luck.
>>quick cure is a combination of formalin and malachite
>>green, which is the active ingredient in other ich
>>cures like rid ich and ich out.
>What is victoria green? that is what the jungle ick guard has in
>is it sinular to malanchite green?
> I have found midwestern darters able to
>>withstand temps up to 82 without any negative effects
>>provided that the water is clean and well aerated. At
>>85 they go into a decline, I wouldnt recommend it.
>when i said i increased the temp to 85, what i really ment is that i
>off the fan blowing across the screen top. that fan was making sure
>that it
>only spiked at 85 in the attic for a short time each day.
>everyone seemed fine until the ick out break. i turned off the fan
>so now
>the temp stays at 85 for about 8 hrs and then drops slowly drops to
>80 at
>night, warming graually to 85 again by 2 pm the next afternoon. with
>the fan
>on , the spike lasts form 5 pm to about 9.
>I am in middle ga, and this was the only space made available when i
>back in with my parents (job, school loan, and car in the some
>month, guy's
>got to eat).
>the red shiners, redbellied dace, otos, and rainbowfish in the 55
>seem to
>love the temp.
>and using water like that found in their natural habitats to
>> Obviously, a quarantine tank would have prevented this, but,
>>yeah, I
>> BTW, don't khuli loaches and fantail darters have radically
>>water parameter preferences? Should they be in the same tank at
>a planted tank in hard water, the ultimate compromise. attempting to
>altering the ph of my chewablle well water would be a constant
>battle. So i
>turn the lights on, does with the plants chems and blackwater
>extract, and
>just "tell" the tetra that the water is 6.5. the horn wort doesn,'t
>seem to
>mind, the melon sword beggs for more iron, the tetra buy it, and the
>ask me who am i tring to kid. the fantails were doing fine, chasing
>sinking flake between white worms, with the male sitting on top of
>the melon
>sword, niether of them complaining about the odd asians and south
>they were being housed with. and not even clicking up with the other
>america, the flagfish, who decided that he is a serpea tetra...
>the water is well areated (too bad for my co2 levels) by a pinguin
>330. overkill on a 35, but i figured if i was going to try darters
>i wanted rainbows or orange throats, but i ended up getting fantails
>with a all or nothing trade for the redbelly dace i did want.
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