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Re:Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?

IMO you don't have to have the best test kit, just a good one.  There are many reasonably priced test kits on the market.  Go to www.thatpetplace.com or any local shop.  The Aquarium Pharmacueticals Master Test kit is good and includes all your basic test (pH, NH4, NO2).  Nitrate kits are sold seperately.  Anyway it is good to have and should be able to get one under $20.  You could also take a water sample to you LFS and they will usually test it for free (but ask for the test you want done specifically).  Good luck!

>You mentioned your pH in your post.  Have you done any water test to check
>your other water quality parameters.  If you haven't already done so I 
>test ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.

I know, if I could find a decent test kit, the local store is next to 
useless. they don;t carry my brand....but i figure my plants are taking care 
of my nitrogenous products between water changes.