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Re:Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?

>Subject: Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?
>Some lessons always seem to come the hard way. GET A

not an option.  I asked about getting one, bu then Mom reminded me that i 
"snuk" in the 35 when I only had clearence for the 55....
and then there is the 10 with the gambusia colony under the stand that she 
doesn't know about yet....(lot of good yard sales in Atalnta)

i quarintined the fantails at a freinds house for a month. figured wild 
caught fish were more risky than fish taht had been in the store for so long 
that the lable had been lost, oh well.

>Your corys I think are in more danger of the salt then
>the darters. A number of darters come from quite
>alkaline waters. The corys from neutral to quite acid
>waters. Although most now sold in the aquarium trade
>are bred in hard and alkaline waters here in the US
>but still some in acid waters in the oritent.

orient?  corys are from SA.  do you mean the tank bred ones from the asain 

I was more worried about the khulies than the "indestructable" albino cory.

>are any number of good ick medications on the market.

picked up some "jungle ich guard" yesterday.

>You mentioned your pH in your post.  Have you done any water test to check
>your other water quality parameters.  If you haven't already done so I 
>test ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.

I know, if I could find a decent test kit, the local store is next to 
useless. they don;t carry my brand....but i figure my plants are taking care 
of my nitrogenous products between water changes.

>Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 06:41:00 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Al G Eaton <sege7_2000 at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Re: NFC: salinaty torlorances of darters?
>  Of the commercial
> > products I always liked
> > Quick Cure, which is formalin based as I recall.
> > Anyway good luck.
>quick cure is a combination of formalin and malachite
>green, which is the active ingredient in other ich
>cures like rid ich and ich out.

What is victoria green?  that is what the jungle ick guard has in it.
is it sinular to malanchite green?

  I have found midwestern darters able to
>withstand temps up to 82 without any negative effects
>provided that the water is clean and well aerated.  At
>85 they go into a decline, I wouldnt recommend it.

when i said i increased the temp to 85, what i really ment is that i turned 
off the fan blowing across the screen top.  that fan was making sure that it 
only spiked at 85 in the attic for a short time each day.
everyone seemed fine until the ick out break.  i turned off the fan so now 
the temp stays at 85 for about 8 hrs and then drops slowly drops to 80 at 
night, warming graually to 85 again by 2 pm the next afternoon. with the fan 
on , the spike lasts form 5 pm to about 9.
I am in middle ga, and this was the only space made available when i moved 
back in with my parents (job, school loan, and car in the some month, guy's 
got to eat).

the red shiners, redbellied dace, otos, and rainbowfish in the 55 seem to 
love the temp.

and using water like that found in their natural habitats to minimize
>     Obviously, a quarantine tank would have prevented this, but, yeah, I
>     BTW, don't khuli loaches and fantail darters have radically different
>water parameter preferences?  Should they be in the same tank at all?

a planted tank in hard water, the ultimate compromise. attempting to 
altering the ph of my chewablle well water would be a constant battle. So i 
turn the lights on, does with the plants chems and blackwater extract, and 
just "tell" the tetra that the water is 6.5.  the horn wort doesn,'t seem to 
mind, the melon sword beggs for more iron, the tetra buy it, and the rams 
ask me who am i tring to kid.  the fantails were doing fine, chasing down 
sinking flake between white worms, with the male sitting on top of the melon 
sword, niether of them complaining about the odd asians and south amercans 
they were being housed with. and not even clicking up with the other north 
america, the flagfish, who decided that he is a serpea tetra...

the water is well areated (too bad for my co2 levels) by a pinguin bio-wheel 
330.  overkill on a 35, but i figured if i was going to try darters at 

i wanted rainbows or orange throats, but i ended up getting fantails instead 
with a all or nothing trade for the redbelly dace i did want.

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