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NFC: White River fish kill update

 <A HREF="http://www.indystar.com/print/articles/settle18.html">IndyStar.com: 

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Account is opened for river restitution
At a glance: fish kill expenses 

• Personnel costs: $539,591 

• Legal expenses: $435,881 

• Fish removal and disposal: $388,442 

• Lab testing: $209,477 

• Miscellaneous: $31,586 

• Travel: $1,121 

TOTAL: $1,606,097 

City of Anderson 

• Legal expenses: $390,000 

• Biosolids disposal: $78,548 

• Outside lab testing: $70,669 

• Chemicals: $69,771 

• Sample refrigeration: $24,562 

• Overtime: $16,887 

• Laboratory supplies: $15,373 

• Miscellaneous: $5,497 

TOTAL: $671,307 

(Anderson figures are estimates)

By Matt Schwartz
Indianapolis Star
June 18, 2001  

How much is Indiana owed for the White River fish kill?

Warring troops of attorneys negotiating the resolution to a joint 
federal-state lawsuit against Guide Corp. are nearing an answer, according to 
court documents.

A federal judge has created an account to hold any cash the Anderson 
automotive parts maker agrees to pay in restitution for its part in the 1999 
pollution that wiped out nearly 5 million fish along a 50-mile stretch of 
White River, a major source of drinking water in central Indiana.

(The rest of the article is at the above link.)

Chuck Church    
Indianapolis, Indiana USA