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NFC: Re: salinty tolerances of darters.

    Kidt Cordry writes:

>  Hi, I will introduce myself later,
>  "business" first...
>  I am dealing with an ick outbreak in my 35 gal.
>  I have already lost several fish, including 1 of my fantail darters.
>  so, how much salt can you get away with with darters?

    I don't know why anyone would avoid a known effective cure for ich like 
Aquarium Products' "Quick Cure".  It is  " A 'tri-chelated' formula of 99.20% 
formaldehyde  .75% malachite green".  This product is inexpensive, available 
everywhere (in some incarnation), and works great.  It will not hurt plants 
or snails.  The directions recommend one drop/ gallon unless treating tetras, 
then half that.  I have always used the tetra dosage.  Some people warn that 
the malachite green will stain your aquarium silicone blue, but it has always 
faded away completely within a week.
    I would suggest lowering your tank temps to one that your fish are happy 
with, and using water like that found in their natural habitats to minimize 
    Obviously, a quarantine tank would have prevented this, but, yeah, I 
    BTW, don't khuli loaches and fantail darters have radically different 
water parameter preferences?  Should they be in the same tank at all?
    WWW.thekrib.com has lots of stuff on ich.
    Good luck.
    Pierre Gagne