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NFC: NFC Policy Advisory Board forming

We are looking for 1-3 individuals interested in being a part of  NFC
Policy Advisory Board.Its purpose: to review NFC policies and programs
an ongoing basis and make reccomendations to improve the functioning
the NFC.

Meetings will be informal (mostly by internet :).
Decisions will be made and implemented according to vote of the
board, and posted.
Potential Board members accepting positions on the board are
required to participate in the review/decision making process.

If you are interested please send a short BIO   to :
mailto:coordinator at aquaculturestore_com

Paul Sachs
Learn more about our Native Fish!
Sachs Systems Aquaculture
1185 Thompson Bailey Road
St. Augustine FL  32084

PHONE:  (904) 824 - 6308
ICQ  :  4216428
AIM: deanothemag
EMAIL:  Mailto:Deano at AquacultureStore_com
web  :  http://www.AquacultureStore.com