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NFC: FW: BoardRoom: Why do large mouth bass change colors?

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We started a native aqaurium about a month ago. We found a 10
gallon aquarium at a garage sale ($15) fully equipped, except
for rocks. We set it up, filled it with water and oput some blue
gill and large mouth bass in it. Since they're the same size the
bass don't eat the blue gill.

But back to my question. I've noticed that my bass will change
color, sometimes as I watch. They'll go from very dark markings
to no marking and almost completely white. I have several native
rocks on top of the small rocks, two are limestone and one in
shale. The shale is black and the lime stones rocks are either
yellowish or light grey. When they stay over the rocks I don't
notice their color changing very much, but the more aggressive
of the two bass usually stays light, while the more passive of
the two stays dark. The dominant bass keeps the passive one in a
corner (The blue gill were kept in corners until one decided not
to be bullied and the rest starved. The submissive bass is quick
enough to get plenty of food).

I've search the internet and can find no mention of why they
change colors. Since they're both in the same environment it
can't be a protection thing.

My guess is that they signal their dominance by color, as a dog
would signal passivity by rolling on its back. This is only
after a few weeks observation, so I'm curious what those whove
studied fish in depth say.

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