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NFC: Re: Mediterranean Croaking Geckos

Sajjad :

We have them here in N.O.,La, by the 10's 0f thousands. If we are
speaking of the same species, they are relatively short ,somewhat stumpy
flesh colored gecko.
The males have a purple/black blotch on their throat and when caught
"sometimes" make a croaking sound hence the Med.Croaking Gecko name.
They have rather large eyes which leads me to surmise that they are more
nocturnal than the anole lizards. 

They roost/nest behind the shutters on my house and underneath the house
as well.
They come out in force to eat the large smorgasboard of insects
attracted by the security lights all around the perimeter of the house.
Interesting little animals and well worth having on your property and in
your garden,


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