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NFC: New Flier -- WE NEED YOU

Hey everyone.

Yes, I'm still alive!  I got my new flier today, in the mail.... Its looking
good, but WE NEED HELP.   All you people who volunteered articles and bits
for my first run, where were you last time?  Where will you be this this
time?   With the new format of the Flier, I can't do this alone.  I need
help.  I need people willing to write regular columns.  More than willing.
I need them to do it.  The NFC is a volunteer organisation, and without the
help of its members, willing to write columns (amongst other things).

Not a good writer?  Think you can't spel didlie skwat?  (Didn't notice that
I misspelled didly squat, and spell?)  Who cares?  Thats what an editor is
for -- and I'm the editor. :)  I don't mind fixing your spelling, grammar or
reworking articles, but I need people to WRITE, to go thru articles and say,
"That could be great for the NFC" and cut it out, mail it to me.

Don't want to do that?  Okay, theres lots more you can do to help out.
Ideas and critism, both bad and good, are always welcomed.

Come on, lets pull together, and get everything going great again.
Joshua L. Wiegert
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