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I was there too, the native killys were scarce, saw
just a few chyosotus and they sold well, overal there
was just a sprinkling of natives. I talked with a
number of folks about natives, I think there is
growing interest in them, that showed up in the sales.
I didnt see many at all in the fish room.

Maybe next convention we can get someone to do a talk
on native killys? I have no idea where it will be,
this one was just an hours drive from me. Had to go.

One pair of the flagfish came all the way from

Overal I thought the convention was excellent, one
disappointing talk on Fp and the set up of the
fishroom I thought sucked, there was a large room
available adjoining the show room that could have been
used. Also could have used some more vendors. Jehmco
was there and saw their pumps in operation, AWESOME!!
I want one.

They also had bs eggs, 15 oz for $49, got one of those
too :-)

An excellent talk on collecting aphyosemions in the
cameroons, much of it applicable to collecting

All in all I enjoyed it. Lots of good fish, fish talk,
seeing friends and acquaintances and making new ones.

--- robert a rice <robertrice at juno_com> wrote:
> Thought you might enjoy this.  At the AKA convention
> lemonade killies
> were 
> going for $18 pr. at the auction.  Flag fish went
> for $10 and Rain water 
> killies went for $8.  F. Chrystotus went for almost
> $20pr.  Had to leave
> most 
> of my stuff home, fish police and such you know. 
> Bill 
>  Ps. I'll take anything 

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