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Re: NFC: Interesting Weekend so far!

Congrats that has to be a senior warmouth!!!Just think in Iowa the world
record redbelly piraniah was caught and now in Wisconsin the monster
warmouth...must be the water :)

On Sun, 27 May 2001 15:08:05 -0500 Ty <tyhall at mia_net> writes:
> Well, yesterday morning my brother stops by and says "Hey, we where 
> out
> fishing and I caught a huge Bluegill, but he's weird looking." So I 
> go
> out and what he has is the biggest Warmouth you have ever seen! We 
> ran
> to the local grocery store and it weighed in at 16.5 oz's shattering 
> the
> current state record by 3.5 oz's! It was also 1/2 inch loner, 
> measuring
> 10.75 inches. All he has to do now is get the DNR  to approve it 
> and
> he's the new state record holder.
> He has already agreed tolet me keep the fish in a tank to live out 
> the
> rest of it's natural life at which time it will be mounted. Very 
> cool.
> Ty

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