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NFC: what is happening??? Welcome and more plankton info (more than you may want to know :)

Welcome to the NFC :)

Glad you spoke up:  recent daphnia study is my at the moment doing...
(actually answers to a BBS post at SSA)

Question:  Posted by Eileen on May 24, 2001 at 15:21:51:

Will daphnia magna eat microworms?!?
Will they eat bakers' yeast?
Will rotirich dissolve in water?
How long do daphnia live, and at what age will they reproduce?
I had the daphnia in my shop, which got too warm for them, I think,
because I'm down to about 6 of them :-(
...so I moved them to a new shallow glass dish in the house with fresh
water, and upon closely checking the old water, I see little tiny
black things swimming around- could they be newly-hatched daphnia?
That'd really make my day.
I put some microworms in the new water and it LOOKED like the daphnia
were gobbling them up, but you know it's a little hard to tell what's
on their minds!


Paul Sachs
deano at aquaculturestore_com
The up and coming instars of Daphnia magna, nematodes (micro worms),
yeast and life of the Ostracod kind
Body of Message:

The black things are ostracods, and they will live in harmony with the
daphnia. but if you don't like them, then use a pipette and separate
the daphnia into a new culture:)

Daphnia magna are vegetarians... so, no eating microworms.

Daphnia will eat yeast! careful with water quality...

Rotirich does dissolves in water.

And daphnia magna live around 22 days to over 100 depending on temps,
and feed, and predators, and ....... As for reproducing, from egg to
adult there are four stages... and during these stages, the daphnia
molt (called instars*)

1. egg
2. juvenile : 3 to 5 instars
3. adolescent : 1 instar
4. adult : 6 to 22 instars

As soon as the adolescent turns into an adult, it can have brood. So,
my guess is 10 days or less. Each time an adult has an instar, it will
release it's brood.

There is a brief period of sterility during the later part of the
adult life.

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