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Re: NFC: Fw: what is happening??? Collecting trip, BBQ, military duty, long message

I've seen this on the Rainbow fish list. When it gets slow on the talking,
the new members get to wondering "What's Up?". They wonder if the list is
dead. This person must be real new to miss the last auction or talk of
collecting trip & BBQ or other subjects of the last month. So welcome to
Scott and Melissa Ware, and any others that are lurking about on the list
and wondering the same thing.

Oh yea, when I get back from this up coming trip to the woods with two
thousand of my friends, during the first two weeks of June, I'll be hosting
a collecting trip to South-Central Florida. The ponds and lakes near my
house, have dried so much that the pleco and Tilapia nests that were just
ten feet away and five feet deep are now three/two feet from the edge and
under two feet deep.  Some pleco nest have been dried up too.  That's easy

If anyone showed up at my house on Saturday morning or early afternoon. I
could or would use the accuse for an hour or two to break away from my task
of pulling my military gear out in preparation for this upcoming trip, I am
leaving Wednesday until the 16th.  I have a guest on Sunday and diving trip
on Monday.  Doug, Chris hint, hint.   Chris when do you go away for your two
weeks?  Or do you pull extra weekend duties during the summer months?  Oh ya
and I pin my 7 on June 2nd, (my first formation since leaving school)
retroactive May 21.  So no more double duty weeks (7 months).

Yes the list is alive and well.  It's just that time of year for cleaning
ponds and adjusting to the changes that come about in spring; graduations,
fixing up the yards and gardens, fixing up new tank systems for up and
coming collecting trip finds, cleaning off the BBQ grills for Placo
cookouts,(Chris rescue me on that one).  Again Welcome to any that are new
to the list.  Yes we didn't have an auction in May.  Sorry for the long
message, that just me some times.   JiM C.

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> What does he want?
> Luke
> On Thu, 24 May 2001, robert a rice wrote:
> > help.............he seems to be on empty lists :)
> >
> > Robert Rice
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> > Hey Guys!,
> >
> >   Iwould like to hear from somebody,.....Anydody!!!   I've subscribed to
> > all
> > of the 'pages' available (inc. auctions) and have yet to receive
> > notification
> > of anything??!!
> > Pleas correct this or refund my $$$
> > Thank You
> > Michael McHugh
> > "Native lover with an attitude against ....Duh....should we actually
> > respond
> > to this?"
> >
> > Not a threat...just a constructive  nudge towads mopre mem.s!

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