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NFC: RE: Nebraska Collecting Permit

My congrates too Luke :)

How about Posting on our bulletin board at

I invite any NFC member to post their geographical location :)


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I was recently awarded a Scientific Collecting Permit for Nebraska as
representative of the Native Fish Conservancy.  I can take several
different species including:

Plains Topminnow
Plains Killifish
Sacramento Perch
Iowa Darter
Johnny Darter
Orangethroat Darter
Orangspotted Sunfish
Common Shiner
Sand Shiner
Plains Minnow

I think there are a few others, but this is the bulk of the list.
specimens can be taken for educational purposes as well as for life
history/captive propagation studies.   I don't know where to start
for them though, so if anyone who lives, knows people who live or has
spent time in Nebraska can give me some ideas, I would appreciate it.