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NFC: Filterless Tank Experiment: Utter Failure

Well, my experiment with a filterless tank in my office has ended in utter
failure. I thought such a setup would be as low maintenance as could be

I had least killies and pygmy killies in there, which were doing pretty much
fine. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my plants to grow well enough to provide
enough filtering capacity, and I kept getting a nasty smell of swamp gas
wafting from it.

I changed about 3-4 gallons of water a week (using a gallon water pitcher
once every day or so). I didn't use any mechanical means of moving or
filtering the water, hoping the plants would do all that was necessary. The
substrate was Onyx sand.

I've decided to end the Jr. experimentation, at least with the tank in my
office. I don't need swamp gas wafting from my office into the entire suite
when an experiment goes horribly wrong. <sigh>

Any ideas what I did wrong?


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