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Re: NFC: Legal Information

> "Hector Ledezma, Jr." wrote:
> Hello:
> I would like to know where I can obtain information regarding California
> state regulations as to the collecting of fish in state waters.  Any
> information would be appreciated.  Thank you.
> HL

The general rules in the F&G fish regulation brochures are that no "bait
minnows" may be taken and removed alive from any waters in the state. They
may be used only as bait only in the waters where taken. [This is to prevent
predatory fish movements without supervision.]

Otherwise, you can write to:

[Only a government could do this to their title(s). :-)]

State of California
The Resources Agency
Department of Fish and Game
License and Revenue Branch
3211 S. Street
Sacramento CA 95816

Once you have filed an application for a scientific collection permit, it
still takes 6-8 weeks. The fees are pretty stiff, too. The folks I talked to
there assured me that they don't usually grant the permits, except to
Universities. Since CA law has essentially shut down nearly all ichthyology
and fisheries departments in the Universities in this state, they must not
have a whole lot of work to do. ;-)


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