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Re: NFC: scatterbrain-proof live food rasing

AFAIK, mosquito larvae are filter feeders and dont
have the apparatus to chew their way out of fishes
insides, but glassworms and bloodworms are another
story ... they have mouth parts to do some damage.  If
you have live glassworms in a tank and you feed bbs
the glassworms stomach soon turn pink from the bbs
they have consumed.  I have never worried about
feeding mosquito larvae, but I dont feed glassworms or
bloodworms if there are fry in the tank.... I have
never had problems with any adult fish eathing those


> I've heard that the older 'bull larva' (the pupa
> stage?) are dangerous for 
> small fish, and can actually chew their way out of a
> fish's stomach, but 
> I've never seen it happen - still talking mosquito
> larva, here.  I'd be 
> interested if anyone has any experience or
> information on this - old wive's 
> tale, or fact?

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