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Re: NFC: scatterbrain-proof live food rasing

I use grindal worms, if you have to be away from them, just put em in the refrig

to slow down their metabolism.  They work great for me and the fish love em.
Also wingless or flightless fruit flies.
Best Regards,
Also there is safety in numbers,  keep 5 or 6 cultures going at one time, if one
then there is a back up.

Kristine Weisbrod Massin wrote:

> Does anyone have suggestions for live food that I can raise for small and
> small-ish fish that can tolerate very irregular care?  I've tried daphnia
> twice now & failed dismally both times...
> I was considering grindal worms but have heard mixed reviews about them.
> I'm getting a little sick of shelling out money for starter cultures only to
> have them die when I can't get to them for a couple days because the horse
> hurt himself or I have to go out of town for work or my pup got beat up
> again & I have to do bedside care or whatever.  (ever tried asking a
> pet-sitter to take care of a feeder cuture? :)  'feed the fish' they
> understand but 'feed the fishes' food' they find confusing).
> Any suggestions?
> -kris
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