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NFC: scatterbrain-proof live food rasing

Does anyone have suggestions for live food that I can raise for small and 
small-ish fish that can tolerate very irregular care?  I've tried daphnia 
twice now & failed dismally both times...

I was considering grindal worms but have heard mixed reviews about them.

I'm getting a little sick of shelling out money for starter cultures only to 
have them die when I can't get to them for a couple days because the horse 
hurt himself or I have to go out of town for work or my pup got beat up 
again & I have to do bedside care or whatever.  (ever tried asking a 
pet-sitter to take care of a feeder cuture? :)  'feed the fish' they 
understand but 'feed the fishes' food' they find confusing).

Any suggestions?

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