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Re: NFC: Exotic crayfish

Many state agencies have websites that describe the
status of organisms in the state, including exotics.
These are usually the "Natural Heritage" programs. For
instance, Georgia's site is:


Do not look for one in Texas, Governor Bush gutted the
program. This clinched his environmentalist

In Mississippi, especially, you should be able to find
listings for the destructive abilities of various
Asian carps such as the black that have been and are
being introduced by a variety of idiots.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

> Brings to mind a question I wanted to ask.  I got
> mildly flamed on a 
> fly-fishing list when I advocated feeding carp to
> the buzzards when caught.  
> Some there didn't want to believe that carp can be
> derimental to the 
> environment and the list moderator challenged me to
> prove my statement.  I, 
> and others have given them a couple of docs we found
> on search engines, but 
> we could use more (not Australian!) references. 
> Anybody got something I 
> could pass on a URL for?
> Jack Lehman, Austin TX  
> Don't sweat the petty things,
> and don't pet the sweaty things

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