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Re: NFC: Exotic crayfish

Thats what exotics are russian roulette sure 9 times its ok but the 10th
time BANG !

I always explain it like this. Every place is a painting why are you
adding the beard ? 

Robert Rice 
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On Wed, 16 May 2001 14:07:00 -0700 "Scott Olson" <olson7 at hotmail_com>
> Okay, folks, I'm one of those who generally reads tales of 
> environmental 
> disaster with a very jaundiced eye.  I've found that many reports 
> are 
> exagerrations, nonsense, just plain false, or some combination 
> thereof.
> I especially have mixed feelings about 'exotic' introductions, I'm a 
> little 
> afraid to admit here.  As a hunter and fisherman, I've been the 
> beneficiary 
> of such introductions as rainbow, brook and brown trout, largemouth 
> bass, 
> pumpkinseeds, ringnecked pheasant, hungarian (gray) partridge, 
> chukar 
> partridge, valley quail and a few others.  All of these have filled 
> habitat 
> niches that were, in whole or in part, not utilized by native 
> species, at 
> least in my 'home' state of Montana and in Washington, where I lived 
> for a 
> few years.  I can't really say that I'm sorry that any of these 
> introductions took place.
> Before I get flamed forty ways to Sunday, let me say that I 
> certainly 
> recognize the negative effect that zebra mussels, carp and a number 
> of other 
> introductions have had on local environments!
> I've gotta admit, my experience of this past weekend re-iterated 
> that  
> reports of environmental damage from introduced species should 
> *never* be 
> dismissed lightly.
> Somewhere (possibly on this list) I read a little while ago about 
> the 
> devastating effect crayfish are having on certain Arizona mountain 
> streams.  
> Crayfish? I thought...I'll believe that when I see it.
> Well, I have seen it.  On a camping trip with my two sons last 
> weekend, we 
> stopped for a few minutes along the East Verde River to let the boys 
> fish 
> for stocked trout.  It's a very pretty location, just below the 
> Mogollon Rim 
> of Zane Grey/Louis L'Amour fame.
> The *only* life we saw in the stream - a creek, really - was 
> crayfish.  
> Though I searched diligently for over an hour, I found NO aquatic 
> insects of 
> any description, nor was any aquatic plant life in evidence.
> I have never in my life seen such a population of crayfish - sorry I 
> have no 
> idea which species!  Every rock - I'm not kidding - that I turned 
> over had a 
> crayfish under it!  Probably over 90 percent of them were between 1 
> and 2 
> inches long, mostly on the smaller side.  I saw only three juvenile 
> crayfish, which I looked for specifically, and only two over 2 
> inches, 
> although there was one pincer lying on the bottom that was clearly 
> from a 
> larger individual than any that we saw.
> In trying to speculate what the future holds for the stream, I 
> suppose it's 
> cannibalism time for the crayfish - I don't know what else there is 
> for them 
> to eat!  Hopefully there are otters, raccoons, herons and other 
> animals in 
> the area that can utilize the crayfish as a food source and moderate 
> the 
> population in the future...
> Just further grist for that old NFC slogan - never release any 
> animal - or 
> plant - into the wild!  The effect is unknown, the potential for 
> damage is, 
> for want of a better word, extreme!
> I'm sure I'll be a little more open-minded when reading reports of 
> habitat 
> degradation by introduced species in the future.  This old dog 
> learned 
> something new?  Will wonders never cease!
> Scott
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