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Re: NFC: Continuing my weird wild life day

You'd have stood a better chance getting a bear cub.
Sometimes, usually the bear gets you though.
--- BR0630 at aol_com wrote:
> In a message dated Fri, 11 May 2001  7:04:21 PM
> Eastern Daylight Time, robert a rice
> <robertrice at juno_com> writes:
> << About 5 pm a hen turkey and her dozen babies made
> the stroll through the creek in front of the house.
> Seemed normal and all together benign until my evil
> 10 year old daughter said can I catch 1 ? After 40
> requests and thinking it would never happen I said
> yes and sure enough in 2 minutes she had a baby
> poult and moma ran off deep into the woods...so I
> now have a lil turkey attacking my cricket farm.
> Poltry starter is on the menu tommorrow :) >>
> As a young (and uh, dumb) adult, I thought it would
> be novel to capture a wild Canadian Goose chick from
> along side the Yellowstone River.  Hmmm, probably a
> federal crime in the making, if I don't miss my
> bet...As I approached, the mother goose hissed &
> arched her neck, but I, being of the great homo
> sapiens species, knew she would run from me as soon
> as I got close enough. Because, as we all know, all
> critters have come to fear mankind, right?  Wrong!! 
> That ol' mother goose beat the crap out of me with
> her wings (I did get my hands on a gosling, however
> temporarily) and then she and her babies proceeded
> to outrun me to the river. Once they reached the
> river, the humiliation was complete as my first step
> was into some soft muck/mud and my next was a
> faceplant into said muck/mud. All of a sudden, I had
> absolutely no desire to catch one of those "cute"
> little butterballs.  Nope, none whatsoever!  And,
> standing over by our car, my worthless, beer
> drinking buddies couldn't stop l!
> !
> aughing.  Somehow, at the time, 
> it didn't seem so funny to me. 
> Bruce Scott
> Meridian, Idaho 

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