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Re: NFC: Water Moccassin attack....

I have had several unprovoked attacks by water
moccasins in fish houses in Fla, there was a cement
water trough under concrete holding vats and they were
often in them looking for fish that came out the

In a years time there were several attacks among the
frequent sightings.

Moccasins are an aggressive snake.
--- Kristine Weisbrod Massin <kwmprairie at hotmail_com>
> umm... I hate to say this, but knowing boys, they
> hadn't by any chance been 
> poking it with a stick or throwing rocks at it
> before it got pissed, then 
> realized they were over their head and screamed for
> help?
> Snakes can be unpredictable, but boys are little
> monsters (sorry, done a few 
> too many programs for Boy Scouts lately...if these
> kids are the most moral, 
> upstanding kids of the generation we're all dead
> when they grow up).  I am 
> glad that you saved them.
> -kris
> >robert a rice wrote:
> >
> > > While diligently losing all my money in the
> stock market today I heard a
> > > screaming on my lake/pond. @ local boys had seen
> a snake and were
> > > screaming because it kept air striking at them
> ....
> >
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