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Re: NFC: Water Moccassin attack....

umm... I hate to say this, but knowing boys, they hadn't by any chance been 
poking it with a stick or throwing rocks at it before it got pissed, then 
realized they were over their head and screamed for help?

Snakes can be unpredictable, but boys are little monsters (sorry, done a few 
too many programs for Boy Scouts lately...if these kids are the most moral, 
upstanding kids of the generation we're all dead when they grow up).  I am 
glad that you saved them.


>robert a rice wrote:
> > While diligently losing all my money in the stock market today I heard a
> > screaming on my lake/pond. @ local boys had seen a snake and were
> > screaming because it kept air striking at them ....
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