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Re: NFC: Environmentally concious 4x4 owners

 > Not to mention rich, white, racist, Sierra Clubbers
> who would use law and
> govt. force to keep those of us, with less leisure
> time, out of "their"
> private wilderness entirely. 
I had not thought that Wright would be in Johnny
Cochran's camp. Accusations of "racism" fly more
easily of late. In Louisiana recently members of the
legislature tried to blame Charles Darwin and his
theory of evolution for leading to modern racism. Do
you have a problem with evolution? They are racist! Do
you have a problem with many environmentalists? They
are racist! Character assassination can play well.
H.L. Mencken was on to that in the 1920s (before he
became an admirer of Hitler, no one is always right!).

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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