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NFC: Re: Congress is at it again...whoopie! :-(

Mr. Huntley wrote:

If just 1/10th the money proposed
for the enforcement program was removed entirely from government hands and
flowed through voluntary educational activity, we probably could turn the
current loss of species rate around in less than a decade.

Assuming these $$ were funneled through volunteer groups, one would still
have to get special privilege/authority to take t&e spp into holding.  This
just to ask, how do people in the volunteer grps such as NFC bring federally
listed spp into captivity legally?  I'm sure there's a long application to
do so, just wondering if anyone has dealt with this outside of academia?  If
so, there are some federally listed spp in the southeast that live in some
pretty crappy places that would be grand candidates for an attempt at
successful tank propagation without the maximun effort (i.e., Cherokee
darters, blackside dace).