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Re: NFC: Congress is at it again...whoopie! :-(

Wright, you still have not fully explained what you
are for and what you are against. Have you no strong
> Except as PR tokens, like the gray whale and
> peregine falcon, the process
> will never remove endangered species from the lists.
> An entire
> enforcement/academic grant industry is too dependent
> on the expansion of the
> lists to ever permit that, just as our entrenched
> social-welfare industry
> needs the homeless to survive.
> Debates over increasing/decreasing funding for
> listing-studies/enforcement
> are like debating whether it is better to have
> apples or oranges, only so
> long as both are heavily laced with cyanide. The
> process is inherently
> poisoned. The more cynical in congress know that and
> are exploiting it to
> their own political advantage.
It may be better to not learn more about possibly
endangered species and, ultimately, ecosystems? That
is how the unwashed such as myself understand your
comments, which I do not think is your point. I must
admit that I will feel better about the whole process
when I see Senators Kennedy and Lott travelling to Ash
Meadows with you, however(!).

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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