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Re: NFC: breeding question

I don't know how to breed them, buut if you're serious about the plants, I 
would love some.  Please contact me off the list if you would like to get 
rid of some.  Mail to fishystuff00 at hotmail_com  Chris

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>back to fish...
>has anyone ever bred orangethroat darters?  I'm becoming obsessed with the
>little guys Luke sent me.  I'd really like to try breeding some of them but
>don't know where to start (other than that stack of empty 10 gal tanks I
>picked up for $1 apiece from a mouse breeder).  Anyone have any input?
>also would like to give it a go with some of those redbelly dace.
>I have an inexhaustable supply of java moss & sword plant...I'm constantly
>pruning & tossing them.  (anyone want some?) they overtake my 40 gal every
>week it seems like.  Who on earth said plants were hard to grow? So if 
>guys like spawning mops, I've got 'em.  lots of gravel & sand too.
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