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Re: NFC: Projects.lies.conservation and NFC politics

robert a rice wrote:
> This is my single greatest frustration in the NFC. In our 3 plus years of
> exsistance do you know how many unsolicited reports of conservation
> efforts like these I have recieved  ? The answer is less than 5 !


> SO The question really is not why wont the mainstream press tell our
> storys. Instead it is why we wont tell our stories in our own publication
> ?
> Answer that and you win a door prize !

OK, Robert, I'll have a small go at that door prize. <G>

The tales I just posted are the essence of politically incorrect. It isn't
considered fair to point out the racist agenda of the Sierra Club. To blame
a small local rancher for doing more to save the pupfish than two enormous
government tax sinks is really pretty audacious.

Our folks have been so conditioned into this bizarre situation, labeled
"doublethink" many years ago by Orwell, that to say what is true and right
is now downright scary, if not impossible for most.

Anyone, like Boo, who quotes the "conventional wisdom" (i.e., leftist press)
gets immediately jumped on by someone like me. :-( It is just easier to keep
a low profile and observe the truth of the Japanese proverb -- "The nail
that stands out gets hammered down."

Honest, Robert. It has not been a shining light of our mandatory government
propaganda camps (public schools) to encourage independent reasoning and
plain talk. Their avowed purpose is to create compliant citizens, even if
they have to drug them into a stupor to do it. ["Drug Free Zone, unless it
is *our* drugs."]

The staff physically removed Tom Paine's _Age of Reason_ from the
high-school library, after I studied it and started asking all the wrong
questions. [This was, BTW, some years *before* the McCarthy hearings
started. PC was alive and well in the 40s!] They were just damned lucky I
hadn't discovered *Jefferson* at that point! <VBG>

I was clearly a school-system failure. 50+ years later I still question
authority and refuse to relinquish my rights to free speech to *any* group
enforcing "political correctness." Not many are as nasty as I am, though.

Most of us are just hobbyists, who want to pursue our fish hobby with as
little conflict as possible. Getting involved with actual conservation work
is pretty traumatic by itself, at first. The system is so unbelievably
cockeyed that it requires any writeup to be so far out of politicsl line
that it takes a terribly certain and aggressive individual to do any serious
publishing. Otherwise you just get the pap produced by the typical ignorant
journalist -- politically correct, but often simply untrue.

Our Desert Springs Action Committee work trips are usually written up very
briefly in our web page, maintained by Tom Webster.


Go there and check it out from time to time. Tom's busy, so it sometimes
gets a month or so behind.

If you want a more formal writeup on some aspect of it, please LMK and I'll
try to do it or find someone more qualified who can.

If we can help reduce the adversarial relationship between the public (i.e.,
us) and the wildlife officials, it could go a long way toward getting more
enthusiastic reports. The only way that happens is a *lot* of working
together and long-term development of mutual respect. [Little touches, like
the NFC insistence on complying with the laws, help that process along a
whole lot. Nothing spoils it like one poacher.]

Congress writes the laws, and the agencies get the rules put into the
Federal Register to deliberately *enhance* that adversary relationship. The
press feeds on the resultant conflicts. We have to undermine that adversary
situation before you will get very many dazzling essays on conservation,
IMHO. That is pretty unlikely in today's legal climate, I fear.


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