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Re: NFC: : political debates....my turn to rant

> [I so love the Federalist Papers that I conducted a
> 45-year-long survey on
> the subject. I asked every single "public" (i.e.,
> government) school teacher
> I met about them and if they had read them. I'm
> certain some must have, but
> after 45 years of not meeting a single one, I gave
> up asking. I think I
> understand pretty well why the average citizen fails
> to understand what is
> important in our system, and is confused about how
> it works.]
I agree with you on this one, Wright, no one reads
Madison and company any more. I've actually read
sections but not the whole work. It was part of my
studies as a History minor back in the mills of

> > Boo Radley is of course an alias as it is a
> Chactor from "To Kill A
> > Mockingbird" So I dont know him/her from adam. I
> find that aspect of
> > harshly commenting from an alias a real
> irritation.
Mr. Rice, I am not adam. Even Scout knows that!

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama*
(*I bet neither of our august Senators, Shelby and
Sessions, have read the Federalist Papers either. And
both are totally ignorant on questions of the
environment as well.)

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