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NFC: : political debates....my turn to rant


Hello :)

HAVEING BEN AROUND AND AROUND ON THESE "political" debates. Here is my
take, some , no most people prefer to debate and point out others
inadequcies (sp) while actually doing nothing. 

Wright Huntly does things. I don't always agree with him but I respect
him. So I give him a long listen on political things. 

Boo Radley is of course an alias as it is a Chactor from "To Kill A
Mockingbird" So I dont know him/her from adam. I find that aspect of
harshly commenting from an alias a real irritation.

Bottom line is there are those who fight the good fight  and those that
comment on the fight...some constantly and harshly. Those who fight
should choose the direction the movement takes. Those who don't shouldn't

Hang  In there

Robert Rice 
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