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Re: NFC: Re: Re: tree bleed

AAAh, Sheesh!!!

I just replied to this thread and then hit 'cancel' instead of 'send'!

I will try to get it Wright this time!


I'd be a little concerned about using cedar in an aquarium.  I've heard a 
number of times that cedar chips are not recommended for lizard and snake 
enclosures because the oil in the wood contains a toxic substance that can 
do 'em in.  This is probably the same substance that makes the wood 
rot-resistent.  Having had a previous bad experience from using the wrong 
kind of wood in a fish tank, I would advise testing 'expendable'  fish 
before adding anything to the tank that you don't want to risk.  Proceed 
with caution!

For backgrounds, my preference is always to first paint the outside of the 
back panel with black spray paint.  Brown or blue will do fine, just 'keep 
it dark'.  This dark background really sets the fish off well, and it tends 
to help nervous fish feel more secure.  Make sure to follow a few simple 
steps:  Use masking tape over the plastic trim and to prevent over-spray 
from reaching the side panels, and cover the top with newspaper to prevent 
paint from landing inside the tank.

You can leave it at that, or take it another step and silicon gravel or cork 
bark to the back panel.  I much prefer natural cork bark over the commercial 
composite, but either will work.  Natural cork bark is expensive, but it 
looks very nice.  The gravel also looks good, and it's cheap, but it's quite 
labor intensive to glue it the glass one piece at a time.  I think gravel 
looks best if it's of a uniform color and shade but of varying size.

So why bother to paint the glass if you're going to cover it anyway?

Simple.  Either of these methods leave small gaps between the pieces.  You 
don't want to see any white wall peeking through the back of your tank.

Personally, I much prefer these methods to the commercially available 
background pictures.

An off-topic aside, IMHO ANWAR is one of Jimmy Carter's worst mistakes 
(along with the Panama Canal Treaty...but that's another topic for another 
day - and probably another list!!).

Good Fishin'!


A good rule to live by:  If Robert Redford's for it, lean hard the other way

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>Subject: NFC: Re: Re: tree bleed
>Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 14:48:09 -0500
>Don't happen to know how to get cedar to sink do you?  I've heard that 
>cedar has certain properties that never let it rot which is why it's used 
>for fence posts and stuff like that.  Does this also mean it will never 
>water log?  I've got a piece of plexiglass wedged under the top plexi of my 
>tank pinning the log down at about center mass.  This bastard REALLY wants 
>to float, and it wont let up.  It's about 4 feet long and 'was' about a 
>foot in diameter until I cut in in half with some roots shooting out at one 
>ALSO...anyone have a suggestion to use as a backing on a 30 inch tall tank 
>(can't get over 24 inch backings in town).  I would like to find something 
>that would go on almost like a rubbery paint, so it could spread on easy, 
>not ruin the wood if I get some on it, and come off without affecting the 
>plexiglass.  Putting 'something black/blue/whatever' back behind it just 
>doesn't do the effect of having some bonded air tight to the surface.

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