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Re: NFC: Re:yahoo

Yahoo is also a bad one as in forwarding long messages
it truncates them,
--- Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com> wrote:
> Paul Sachs wrote:
> > 
> > html you mean.. A MIME is a terrible thing to
> waste!
> > 
> Would that it were! Actually a lot of new editors
> are coming out with MIME
> "Multipart/alternative" as the mail response
> default. It isn't recognized by
> any of the Unix mail servers, and does a terrible
> number on digests,
> archives, etc.
> It's a trivial task to use the Edit Preferences and
> change that to "US
> ASCII- Plain Text" or the equivalent, that *all*
> systems can read, easily.
> My Netscrape system handles HTML mail, just fine,
> though many don't (so it
> shouldn't ever be used on lists). It gags on MIME
> multipart printable, more
> often than not, and takes a lot of effort to re-edit
> for any kind of
> response. I can't (won't) use Outlook in any form,
> and don't use AOL. 
> AFAIK, they are almost the only ones who may see
> those postings cleanly. On
> others, the formatting is subtly screwed up, and on
> others, the colors and
> fonts are unreadable (skinny black teensy letters on
> dark brown background
> is common).
> Please use "plain text."
> Thanks,
> Wright
> -- 
> Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679 
> huntley1 at home_com
>        "Strike any key to continue..."
>             How? My stupid keyboard doesn't even
> have an "any" key!

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