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Re: NFC: Re: Re: tree bleed

Paul Sachs wrote:
> html you mean.. A MIME is a terrible thing to waste!

Would that it were! Actually a lot of new editors are coming out with MIME
"Multipart/alternative" as the mail response default. It isn't recognized by
any of the Unix mail servers, and does a terrible number on digests,
archives, etc.

It's a trivial task to use the Edit Preferences and change that to "US
ASCII- Plain Text" or the equivalent, that *all* systems can read, easily.

My Netscrape system handles HTML mail, just fine, though many don't (so it
shouldn't ever be used on lists). It gags on MIME multipart printable, more
often than not, and takes a lot of effort to re-edit for any kind of
response. I can't (won't) use Outlook in any form, and don't use AOL. 

AFAIK, they are almost the only ones who may see those postings cleanly. On
others, the formatting is subtly screwed up, and on others, the colors and
fonts are unreadable (skinny black teensy letters on dark brown background
is common).

Please use "plain text."



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