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NFC: Re: Re: tree bleed

Don't happen to know how to get cedar to sink do you?  I've heard that cedar has certain properties that never let it rot which is why it's used for fence posts and stuff like that.  Does this also mean it will never water log?  I've got a piece of plexiglass wedged under the top plexi of my tank pinning the log down at about center mass.  This bastard REALLY wants to float, and it wont let up.  It's about 4 feet long and 'was' about a foot in diameter until I cut in in half with some roots shooting out at one end.
ALSO...anyone have a suggestion to use as a backing on a 30 inch tall tank (can't get over 24 inch backings in town).  I would like to find something that would go on almost like a rubbery paint, so it could spread on easy, not ruin the wood if I get some on it, and come off without affecting the plexiglass.  Putting 'something black/blue/whatever' back behind it just doesn't do the effect of having some bonded air tight to the surface.
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I have found that soaking FW driftwood, that I have found in the lakes and
ponds around my house, in the swimming over the winter works wonders. In
South-Central Florida, we run our pool filtering system all year long for
that mid winter swim or when our Northern guest come down. My pool filter is
one that uses a system that converts salt (Sodium Chloride @ 3260 ppm) in
the pool to free chlorine @ 2/3 ppm. The combination of salt and chlorine
does a number on anything that did live on or under the surface of the wood.
The filter running all winter helps to remove any tannic acid also. This
will works with any store bought wood that is not water logged, over the
winter it will be water logged. After removing the wood from the pool I soak
it in a large container with Sodium thiosulfate and then to another
container to flush it with fresh water again.

You should have seen my wife's face when on one Feb. we pull back the pool
cover and she saw a few pieces in the pool water. After a fast explanation
she liked the idea and lets me do it now (well, not now, as we're using the
pool this month to start our own season).  Now if I can get her to let me
keep live foods in the refrigerator.

JiM C.

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> tannic acid... yes, they can
> curing prior to putting it in your tank will do... you can soak it, bleach
> it, let it sit out in the sun.. and several others.. I don't know which is
> best.
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> Back on another...off topic subject.  Does anyone know if trees can
> their color?  I put a pretty huge piece of cedar in my aquarium (ants
> a cool network of tunnels in it), and my water has had a brown tint to it.
> I put the cedar in when I put water in the tank the first time so I never
> tried it without it.  It's in a 170 gallon plexi tank I built, it can't be
> some odd combination of my lighting and the plexi properties can it?  I'm
> running a 300 - 400 gph pump with a water purifier to cycle my wet/dry
> filter water and that seems to clean it up.
> If it's the wood, anyone know a way of stopping it from 'bleeding'?
> Thanks,
> Larry
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>   robert a rice wrote:
>   >
>   > fwiw
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>   > From: Robert Redford <earthaction at nrdcaction_org>
>   Redford's message is so loaded with misinformation and emotional
> propaganda
>   that it makes me almost ashamed to think of myself as a conservationist.
>   trust no one on this list will act on his emotional appeal without first
>   checking some facts.
>   Wright
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