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NFC: RE: Re: tree bleed

ha ha!  that's good Jim... what us Florida people will do :)

BTW - as mentioned in the beginning of this thread that this was off
topic - Larry,  I think it's right on topic.. it belongs to general
fish keeping.  Some fish don't respond well to tannins and tannins do
a number on pH (lower cause it's an acid)

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I have found that soaking FW driftwood, that I have found in the lakes
ponds around my house, in the swimming over the winter works wonders.
South-Central Florida, we run our pool filtering system all year long
that mid winter swim or when our Northern guest come down. My pool
filter is
one that uses a system that converts salt (Sodium Chloride @ 3260 ppm)
the pool to free chlorine @ 2/3 ppm. The combination of salt and
does a number on anything that did live on or under the surface of the
The filter running all winter helps to remove any tannic acid also.
will works with any store bought wood that is not water logged, over
winter it will be water logged. After removing the wood from the pool
I soak
it in a large container with Sodium thiosulfate and then to another
container to flush it with fresh water again.

You should have seen my wife's face when on one Feb. we pull back the
cover and she saw a few pieces in the pool water. After a fast
she liked the idea and lets me do it now (well, not now, as we're
using the
pool this month to start our own season).  Now if I can get her to let
keep live foods in the refrigerator.

JiM C.