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Re: NFC: Fw: a message from Robert Redford

What you are seeing is tannic acid and tannins being released in the water similar to
the substances given off by peat moss in the aquarium(being also a killie nut)
After a certain amount of time(curing) the amount released will be less, but there will
always be a slight amount.  If the piece is small enough to put in a large pot or lobster
pot, you can boil it for 15 - 20mins and rinse then repeat, that will hasten the curing process.
I would recommend water changes for the time being, particularly if you didn't
cure the piece before putting it in the aquarium.  Also note that the tannins will
turn the water acidic.
Phila., Pa.

Larry wrote:

Wow...not everybody out there is a tree hugger.  Hat's off to you Wright.  Chop social welfare spending, give me my 40 cents a gallon tax back, and you can keep your three animals and two pieces of tundra. Back on another...off topic subject.  Does anyone know if trees can 'bleed' their color?  I put a pretty huge piece of cedar in my aquarium (ants carved a cool network of tunnels in it), and my water has had a brown tint to it.  I put the cedar in when I put water in the tank the first time so I never tried it without it.  It's in a 170 gallon plexi tank I built, it can't be some odd combination of my lighting and the plexi properties can it?  I'm running a 300 - 400 gph pump with a water purifier to cycle my wet/dry filter water and that seems to clean it up. If it's the wood, anyone know a way of stopping it from 'bleeding'? Thanks,
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Redford's message is so loaded with misinformation and emotional propaganda
that it makes me almost ashamed to think of myself as a conservationist. I
trust no one on this list will act on his emotional appeal without first
checking some facts.


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