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Re: NFC: Fw: a message from Robert Redford

Wow...not everybody out there is a tree hugger.  Hat's off to you Wright.  Chop social welfare spending, give me my 40 cents a gallon tax back, and you can keep your three animals and two pieces of tundra. 
Back on another...off topic subject.  Does anyone know if trees can 'bleed' their color?  I put a pretty huge piece of cedar in my aquarium (ants carved a cool network of tunnels in it), and my water has had a brown tint to it.  I put the cedar in when I put water in the tank the first time so I never tried it without it.  It's in a 170 gallon plexi tank I built, it can't be some odd combination of my lighting and the plexi properties can it?  I'm running a 300 - 400 gph pump with a water purifier to cycle my wet/dry filter water and that seems to clean it up. 
If it's the wood, anyone know a way of stopping it from 'bleeding'?
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Redford's message is so loaded with misinformation and emotional propaganda
that it makes me almost ashamed to think of myself as a conservationist. I
trust no one on this list will act on his emotional appeal without first
checking some facts.


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