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Re: NFC: Sort of off topic: osage orange

If you are interested in archery it also makes one of
the finest bows there is, hard to work, but I have
made several and they are prize keepers. It was the
wood of choice for several plains tribes.Bowyers often
pay $50 or more for good staves.
--- "D. Martin Moore" <archimed at netdoor_com> wrote:
> Does anybody on this list have any osage orange
> seeds?  The fruit 
> of this tree also goes by the name of hedge apple or
> horse apple.  I 
> have heard it called bowdock as well.  This tree
> used to be fairly 
> common in Mississippi but I'm having trouble finding
> one.  Will 
> trade some P. hubbsi for a pound or so of seeds :-)
> For those of you who don't know and are wondering,
> this tree has 
> several uses.  The wood is extremely hard and is
> used to make 
> fenceposts which never rot.  Plants can also be
> shaped into an 
> impenetrable hedge to keep livestock in (or out). 
> The fruit is 
> reputed to repel insects.  I want to replace some of
> the barbed wire 
> on my property with a bowdock hedge, hence the
> request for such 
> a large number of seeds.
> Prost,
> Martin
> Jackson, MS

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