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NFC: Sort of off topic: osage orange

Does anybody on this list have any osage orange seeds?  The fruit 
of this tree also goes by the name of hedge apple or horse apple.  I 
have heard it called bowdock as well.  This tree used to be fairly 
common in Mississippi but I'm having trouble finding one.  Will 
trade some P. hubbsi for a pound or so of seeds :-)

For those of you who don't know and are wondering, this tree has 
several uses.  The wood is extremely hard and is used to make 
fenceposts which never rot.  Plants can also be shaped into an 
impenetrable hedge to keep livestock in (or out).  The fruit is 
reputed to repel insects.  I want to replace some of the barbed wire 
on my property with a bowdock hedge, hence the request for such 
a large number of seeds.


Jackson, MS